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Heureka enters Testuj.to

First Heureka’s start-up investment

Michal Tesař, Partner at NEWTON Business Development / Pandion Partners, advised to Eva Čejková and other original founders of start-up Testuj.to in the process of Heureka Group capital entry.

Initial acquired stake is 15% with possibility to increase it to 40%. See more details at the following press release.

About Testuj.to

Testuj.to service is a marketing tool for brands or e-shops, which actively work with their customer communities and want to get fast and exact feedback for their products and services. It is also about generating serious customer reviews. This easy plug-in solution is suitable for all web portals and allows to work with micro influencers for fraction of financial and time costs than by creating their own solution.

About Heureka Group

9 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, over 20 million visitors per month and a network of over 55,000 online stores. This is the Heureka Group, Europe’s largest price comparison website and online shopping advisor.


SHAKE-IT … and Enjoy! New Investment in SHAKE-IT Project

Prague, February 2019 – Michal Tesař and David Průdek through their company NEWTON Business Development, a.s. together with Jindřich Ullrich from ppm factum group invested in dynamically developing project of nutritive balanced SHAKE-IT drinks. The goals of the investment are mainly to expand on foreign markets and to accelerate the development  of new products.

Company Fronies s.r.o. has been manufacturing cereal drinks under the brand SHAKE-IT for almost two years. SHAKE-IT is a drink that simply saturates stomach from hunger. It is a meal in the form of drink, or a snack that you can drink easily. Its ingredients are purely natural, having positive effect on your body. Their combination creates nutritive balanced mix. There are no added aromas, colourants and preservatives. For sure, you can screen each particular ingredient item in your mind, not a chemical formula. SHAKE-IT is gluten-free, vegan and has high level of proteins, fibre and has also very low glycaemic index. A special protein variant has been developed not only for sportsmen.

All SHAKE-IT drinks represent healthy alternative to fast food meals. They are convenient as a rich breakfast, a snack or a fast lunch, if you are in hurry. The drinks have iconic packaging design, which is inspired by pop-artist Roy Lichtenstein. You can easily just pour milk or water into the SHAKE-IT cup with all the cereals and other ingredients in line with your taste. And then just SHAKE-IT and Enjoy!

SHAKE-IT has already gained plenty of satisfied consumers, both from the broad public and professional sportsmen. The drinks are currently available in more than 200 healthy products shops, e-shops and sport places.

New investors got 25% stake. The majority is held by the founders and the main faces of the project – Honza and Pavel Fronček brothers.

More information about SHAKE-IT:



Medico Group takeover of Gynekologie Zenklova

Medico Clinic strengthens its position by entering Gynekologie Zenklova

NEWTON Business Development, a.s., provided its advisory services at the strategic investor’s entry – Medico Group – into a company Gynekologie Zenklova, s.r.o., which provides gynaecological services at Prague 8. The transfer of 100% share on the company was realized on 18 April, 2018.


Clinical genetics – entry of AGEL Group

A strategic investor AGEL Group has entered into a clinical genetics company at Prague 8.

NEWTON Business Development, a.s., provided its advisory services at the strategic investor’s entry – Laboratoře AGEL a.s. – into a company GENETIKA – ZENKLOVA s.r.o., which operates clinical genetics at Prague 8. The transfer of 100% share on the company was realized on 18 April, 2017.


Consolidation of language schools market continues

Acquisition of language school JIPKA.

NEWTON Business Development, a.s., further continues in helping the Czech language education market consolidation. We have advised our client – Solotron – in acquisition of language school group JIPKA, almost in a year after the takeover of EDUA Group, a leading educational group on the Czech market. The transfer of 100% share on the group was realized on 31 January, 2017.