First Heureka’s start-up investment

Michal Tesař, Partner at NEWTON Business Development / Pandion Partners, advised to Eva Čejková and other original founders of start-up in the process of Heureka Group capital entry.

Initial acquired stake is 15% with possibility to increase it to 40%. See more details at the following press release.

About service is a marketing tool for brands or e-shops, which actively work with their customer communities and want to get fast and exact feedback for their products and services. It is also about generating serious customer reviews. This easy plug-in solution is suitable for all web portals and allows to work with micro influencers for fraction of financial and time costs than by creating their own solution.

About Heureka Group

9 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, over 20 million visitors per month and a network of over 55,000 online stores. This is the Heureka Group, Europe’s largest price comparison website and online shopping advisor.