Management and Business Development

Do you need to realize significant change in your company? Do you want to separate ownership and managerial roles?

We manage changes leading to increased performance of company in balance with satisfied owners‘ needs. Methods of particular products delivery are different and they range from advisory to direct execution / interim management in particular area or whole company, which is our preferred approach.

Examples of interim management use

Separation of ownership and managerial levels

  • You have managed the company as the owner for many years
  • You would like to take a distance and enjoy ayou’re your business achievements
  • There many skillful people in your company, but nobody forceful like you
  • You have tried to hire a director, ale he/she was mainly expensive and did not started to manage the company in fact

Your key top management member leaves you from day to day

  • Although the company will not stop, the troubles are starting to cumulate
  • There is nobody with similar knowledge of the previous on the market
  • You do not want to total stranger to enter your company

You acquired a new company

  • You know exactly what to do with it
  • But you can’t sit on two chairs at one moment
  • Nobody in your firm would be able to cope with such task

You need to do hard cuts

  • You have planned this for long time
  • The hard restructuring steps should not be linked to you
  • You can’t leave it on somebody from management who should continue in the company for long time